One of the biggest problems hitting business owners everywhere is the lack of expertise in the tech field. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

After all, as a business owner, there’s an endless list of tasks that require your involvement.

What IT consultants in Atlanta can do to help is try to educate everyone on some mistakes they’re making.

And, hopefully, to resolve some long-standing problems that are eating away at their profits. Here are the five most common issues.

#1 Hardware or Software Problems

You might believe using old hardware and outdated software until they are no longer functioning will save you money.

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Well, you would be wrong. The truth is, IT consultants in Atlanta advise to regularly update them. Every 3 to 4 years should do.

Otherwise, you run into compatibility issues whenever your IT team tries to fix any existing problem with your system.

#2 Unlicensed Software

“Borrowing” or pirating software is illegal.

Unfortunately, it seems a large amount of software is still being pirated in North America. $10 billion’s worth, according to BSA.

The best course of action is to ensure all of your programs are licensed, and that you are not sold fake licenses online. Always check your sources!

#3 Little to No Training

Training your staff to understand the full capabilities of your hardware and software is important. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Business owners are mainly worried about the training costs. On the other hand, staff may be reluctant to go beyond their comfort zone and learn some extra skills.

That leads to inefficiency in the workplace. If you don’t have training staff available to teach them the essentials, consider partnering up with IT consultants in Atlanta.

#4 Nonexistent or Poor Backup Solutions

In the event of a disaster, you will need a backup to all of your company data in a secure place.

Unfortunately, many business owners overestimate how “safe” their data is, and never plan for the worst.

Don’t be like them. Get your data secured in the cloud, and never worry about data loss again.

#5 Spam, Viruses, Malware

32% of computers worldwide are infected with malware or some other type of malicious software. How do you make sure your company won’t be a victim?

Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software updated (make sure it’s licensed). Perform daily scans of your systems, regardless of whether you believe there is an infection or not.

What Can IT Consultants in Atlanta Do to Help?

As we mentioned, training your staff to deal with the above situations can be costly:

  • You need to add trainers on the payroll. Can you really afford the extra employees?
  • It takes a lot of time for your staff to learn the ins and outs of running an IT system efficiently.
  • Your existing staff will probably be less efficient regardless of the training received.

Sometimes, the best person for a job is someone that isn’t you. If you want to skip out on all the headaches, don’t waste your time with all the above.

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