IT companies in Atlanta have noticed businesses don’t make the best decisions for improving their IT security and stability.

They either purchase software they never use or don’t take full advantage of their capital expenditure. Such actions are not the signs of a growing business, but a failing one.

As such, we have compiled five ways in which you can cut unnecessary spending and streamline your business.

1. Use Your Servers More Efficiently

Many companies nowadays have moved on to virtualizing their workloads. Do you have a separate room where you keep your servers? Or does your business make use of data centers?

You probably use many inefficient servers to accommodate more workloads. Why do that when you can use virtual servers on Linux and Windows and virtualize your desktops instead? This allows you to use a smaller amount of servers.

IT companies in Atlanta can recommend a few virtualization solutions. Examples include Microsoft’s Hyper-V and SharePoint.

The best part is virtual workloads are much easier to move around and expand. You are guaranteed a flexible solution to scale your data centers.


2. IT Companies in Atlanta Suggest Cutting Down on Storage Costs

A virtualized work environment allows you to move away from outdated storage methods. Bulky server storage is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Moving to cloud-based storage helps with efficiency. IT companies in Atlanta report the following benefits straight from their clients:

  • Speedier data backup. Applications such as SharePoint allow you to retrieve files from Virtual Machines much faster. That streamlines many processes.
  • Similarly, you can retrieve data from the cloud at higher speeds than using standard storage methods.
  • You use much less bandwidth in the process of disaster recovery.
  • You manage everything from one location, saving you time.

3. No More Unused Software

How much software have you purchased in the past years? Now think of how much each bit of software has been of use to your business.

You probably realized that not everything with a license is automatically a boon to your company. IT companies in Atlanta can help you make better decisions regarding your software needs.

4. Think Long-Term

Creating a more streamlined technological solution for your company is good. But remember training costs need to be taken into account.

If you move your company towards maximum efficiency, your employees won’t keep up with the sudden change. Retrain them, and that can seriously cost you.

That is why you should take it slowly, making sure you have proper technical support at your disposal. Managed service providers can guide you through the streamlining process.

5. Put Your IT Guys to Rest

The problem with an in-house IT solution is people get used to a routine.

You get used to the processes that go into your job and become oblivious to minor problems because “everything works just fine”. It’s kind of like proofreading your own writing. It doesn’t work as well as having someone else doing it for you.

This can be costly sometimes if your employees are not careful. Disaster recovery can only help you so much.

In these conditions, we recommend you get in touch with us. It will allow your current IT specialists to concentrate on other parts of your company – while we work at making your tech solutions more efficient.