#1 CyberSecurity Risk? Freedom of Info and Corporate Apathy

There is no doubt:

The Internet has given the world a variety of new ways to do business.

In the US alone, 2015 e-commerce estimates have reached $341.7 billion.  That’s 7.3% of total sales: up a full 1% from 2014.

The market for digital trade is growing.  But with it so do the threats to companies doing business online.

It’s likely you’ve heard about some of the more high profile cyber attacks from this past year.  However, the overall statistics are a lot more startling.  And this data only counts what has been reported on.  Cybersecurity risks are going to continue to grow year after year.

Still, far too many small, medium, and even large businesses fail to properly secure their IT systems.

Number One Digital Security Threat: Apathy

Business owners give a lot of excuses as to why they don’t upgrade their network security.

But to be honest, it usually boils down to them not seeing just how important it is.

We often refer to it as the “it will never happen to us mentality”.  Ask the bank that lost $80 million earlier this year to an unknown group of hackers because they didn’t have a firewall how that mindset served them.  (And it would have been $1 billion if the hackers could spell.)

Far too often, businesses leave windows open for the digital world to expose sensitive information—both theirs and their clients.

This is why we take steps to educate entrepreneurs about the threat domestic and foreign hackers pose to the long term well being of their businesses.  It’s absolutely vital that modern businesses take steps to avoid data security blunders.

The main reasons hacking is so prevalent today are 1) because it can extremely lucrative and 2) because it is remarkably easy to learn.

How-To Mania Increases Cybersecurity Risk

One of the best things the Internet has done for modern society is increase the flow of information.

However, “the Internet police” is still largely just a fantasy—a fantasy not many people even want to bring into reality.  While this is great for abstractions like “freedom of information”, it’s not the ideal situation for modern businesses.

Seriously, you can find articles about how to hack in 12 easy steps on WikiHow and hours of hacking tutorials on YouTube.

So why wouldn’t destitute or desperate people from around the world learn these skills?

There is literally nothing standing in their way.  And in many cases, foreign governments do little or nothing to protect businesses outside of their own country.  That sets the stage for economic warfare, with unwitting private businesses as unwilling combatants.

In this scenario, managed IT service providers like 1iX play the role of the cavalry.  After all, we are better equipped to strengthen your business’s cybersecurity than you or your employees.

As a business owner, your only real duty here is to recognize the threat and act accordingly.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to learn about security and hacking yourself.  This is an industry you have to be immersed in to stay up to date and on the cutting edge.  Leave all of that to the experts.


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