How Managed IT Services Provide Numerous Benefits for Small Businesses

Companies looking to leverage cloud technology often turn to Atlanta managed service providers to handle this task. When a company chooses this option, they have the ability to establish an information technology infrastructure making use of the cloud. The system may then be used to collaborate with other businesses or to deliver services, among other things. What are the benefits of using IT services in Atlanta?


Solutions become available to companies more quickly when managed IT services are used. Service providers deploy a product or service and monitor its usage to determine how it responds. As a result, service providers find it easier to improve their design and deployment. They collect information on the user end, the underlying application programming interface, and the cloud design to make adjustments. The service also manages and monitors all equipment and software, including updates, patches, installs as well as managing firewalls, reducing the burden of the business owner.


Users find managed IT services to be the most reliable option presently available. The provider ensures their products and services function at optimal levels at all times, as they are in complete control of these items. This allows them to quickly identify problems and fix them before clients become aware of the issue. Companies find the solutions to be both sturdy and reliable, thus they feel confident storing more data using this option.

The Computer Technology Industry Association recently found that it takes 96 percent longer to repair a network device or server that went down when managed services weren’t used. This leads to costly downtime and can have a significant negative impact on a company. In addition, they found that downtime is 88 percent longer for end users when devices and servers aren’t covered by this type of service. The money is well spent for managed IT services when these statistics are taken into account.


The world is constantly changing, and businesses may struggle to safeguard critical information. This includes financial information, intellectual property, and the company’s reputation. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, it becomes harder to protect this information, and information security becomes more critical, yet companies may lack the funding they need for capital expenditures. In addition, chief executive officers often fail to provide the leadership needed to address information security. Security executives, in contrast, state the biggest problem lies in the fact their organization lacks understanding or actionable vision when it comes to securing information. Managed service providers can be of help in these and other areas.

Companies need to evaluate their IT services to ensure they aren’t at risk of a breach. If a company finds they struggle in this area or need additional help, managed IT services may be the solution. The IT environment continues to change, and these service providers are tasked with keeping up with improvements in the field. When a company chooses to employ a managed services provider like 1ix Network Solutions they find more time to focus on other tasks—ones they are better equipped to handle.