Network Design and Implementation

Designing efficient networks is tough...

Let Us Handle It

1iX can assess your current environment and design and deploy a network that will support the tools and processes required for your success. We protect your investment by engineering flexible infrastructures that scale as your needs evolve.

Network Infrastructure

Wired and wireless, firewalls, VPNs and remote access, Internet uplink, Internet architecture protocol support, switch networks, cross-platform communication, fault tolerance

Server Administration

O/S rollouts; file, email and print server management; user permissions; storage; back-up system; updates, patches, virus protection and spyware/malware prevention


Backup and Security

Backup system development; preventative maintenance; spyware, malware, virus eradication; proactive network and system monitoring and response.

Mobile Computing

Secure remote access; laptop support; handheld configuration.


Office Productivity

Configuration and support for all common business technology applications, including email, calendar, contacts, accounting, design, and general business tools.

I.T. Planning

Uptime, backup and archive analysis; user polling; unbiased upgrade and new purchase advice