Even with the best IT services Atlanta has to offer, inside threats can still be disastrous to a company. You don’t only have to protect your data against hackers and viruses. You also have to make sure employees don’t destroy precious data.

You may be thinking about rogue employees. Yes, they are a problem. However, the biggest inside threat is uninformed staff members who are likely to make security mistakes.

We are going to go over seven tips on how to protect your business from both:

1. Train Your Employees

Most cases of data loss or virus infections happen because staff members don’t take the necessary precautions. Company policies are meant to eliminate that problem, but you need to make sure said policies are well-implemented.

Organize seminars for everyone whose work involves using the internet.

Explain what the potential threats are, and how to avoid them. Also, let them know about the consequences of misconduct.

Company-wide seminars should take place at least once a year. Any new employee should be trained before beginning work. One of the IT services Atlanta companies need the most is proper safety instruction.

2. Be Strict about Passwords and Account Management

You need to keep your employees’ accounts safe. Having a weak password or forgetting to log off the account can be dangerous.

If an unauthorized person gets their hands on the account, they could not only compromise the computer but also the whole network.

3. Deactivate Unnecessary Accounts

When someone stops working for your company, make sure they no longer have access to your network. Former employees can become a threat in two ways:

  • Without policies and surveillance, their personal computer could get malware. If they can still access the network, viruses could spread to your company too.
  • If the employee harbors resentment for your business, they may try to harm it intentionally. Your business intelligence is valuable, and they could try to steal and sell it.

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4. Implement Privilege Regulations

The explanation behind this tip is simple. Employees should only have enough privileges and access to do their jobs.

There is no reason to give them more access. It won’t improve efficiency, but it will increase the risks. Keep things on a need-to-have basis to maintain company safety.

5. Monitor the Network and Shut Down Suspicious Activity

Whether it’s a rogue employee or just a forgetful one, they leave signs when endangering the business. Keep a constant eye on the network for such signs. The most sought-after IT services Atlanta offers are monitoring tools.

Make this a priority to your system admins, or get help from an IT company. They’ll help you prevent and mitigate problems.

6. Perform Regular Backups and Have a Data Recovery Plan

Those two actions are different, but they have the same goal: to keep your files safe. You need both of them to be safe.

Backups should be done as often as possible. Save data on the Cloud, and in two separate physical locations. This way, you’ll never lose it.

Recovery plans are for mitigating any problems that may appear. Work out a plan with the help of an IT company. Their advice can be invaluable.

7. Assess Risks at All Times

By following these tips and being vigilant, you should be safe from most threats. However, since a single breach can be disastrous, you need to take an even more proactive approach.

Perform occasional company-wide assessments. Identify the most relevant data you have and their levels of protection. Consider the weakest point in your infrastructure. Come up with a risk management strategy.

The key to protecting your company from any threat is to stay ahead of the curve.

How to Pick the Best IT Services Company Atlanta Has to Offer

Working with several IT companies can become hectic and put a serious strain on your budget. Your best option is to find experts in several fields. They should handle security and other tasks, such as network design and ongoing maintenance.

We happen to be such a company. Not only will we ensure that your data is safe, but we’ll help you boost efficiency as well.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of all your IT needs.