Small businesses rarely require any special Atlanta IT services. Their in-house solutions are often enough to keep up with their needs.

But, as the company grows, so do your IT service requirements. At 25 or more employees, your tech people can get overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, small companies can rarely afford to add more support staff. The extra work is then assigned to someone else in the workplace – with less than ideal results.

As such, it becomes necessary to seek outside help. Depending on your business needs, there are multiple services you can consult. Here are a few that serve as a starting point in your decision:

General Repairmen and Tech Support

No company can say they never had tech problems that required hardware repairs or replacement. If you have met someone who made that claim, they were dishonest.

You can find many Atlanta IT services that offer to fix your hardware issues. Better yet, get one that can prevent those problems.

Prevention is the best cure most times, especially when you’re on a budget. Monthly hardware replacement is simply not acceptable.

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Another good example is when someone in your company was not careful when installing a new motherboard in one of your PCs. These items can be very expensive.

Regarding availability, you have two options: 24/7 tech support and those that work on a schedule. It’s up to you as a business owner to decide which one you need.

Atlanta IT Services Offer Remote Support

As we said, tech support can put a financial strain on a small company. Fortunately, many Atlanta IT services have now gone the way of remote desktop interfacing.

Instead of waiting for someone to fix your software problems, they can do it from anywhere in the world. That can be especially useful in case of an emergency. Some companies just can’t afford the downtime.

When you choose how a support company will aid your business, you need to consider an important question. How much money is going down the drain for every hour your business is inactive?

Remote support can be a godsend. Remove the waiting times and get back to work in no time.

Data Security Services

We’ve talked about how preventing a problem is better than solving it. If you work with sensitive data (like law firms which use digital documents), you need proper security.

Over 32% of the world’s computers are infected with malicious software. Data protection has never been more necessary.

Just using a good anti-virus software is no longer a reliable security strategy. Digital intrusion methods have evolved considerably over the past few years.

Besides using data protection software, you will need to protect your wireless networks. Moreover, you’ll need a proper backup solution for your data in case something goes awry.

To prevent infections in the future, you also have the option of proactive network and system monitoring.

As you can see, there are many aspects to think about in your company’s security and support needs. If you are not sure where to start, contact us for a consultation today. We’ll get you up-to-speed with the latest security measures.