Why Concierge IT Support? Speed, Convenience, and Affordability

What is the value of quality IT support?

Far too many owners of small and medium sized businesses don’t know the answer to this question until disaster strikes.

These same businesses aren’t always large enough to need an in-­house team of IT professionals.

That’s where concierge technical support comes in.

What is Concierge IT Support?

1iX Network Solutions and other companies that offer concierge technical support provide on-call, remote technical support on a per­need basis.

This is a great option for businesses that need immediate help but don’t have anyone in­house who can handle it.

In fact, concierge IT services are a great option for businesses for several reasons. And in pretty much every way, they beat out the in­house teams.


Do you need IT support now? If you don’t have an in­house team but need immediate results, contacting an IT company that offers remote support is really your only option.

If there is anyone who is somewhat tech savvy on site in your company, a skilled concierge specialist can guide them through the proper protocols to diagnose and remedy whatever issues you have. Or, that same technician can take control remotely and do the same thing.

This not only provides you with peace of mind but an opportunity to learn a thing or two as you get to watch a professional at work.


The convenience of concierge IT support is pretty hard to beat.

The combination of versatility and reliability makes for an effective combination. In the case that the issues absolutely cannot be solved remotely, any well­trained technician will be able to realize it quickly and facilitate the next steps.

If you begin to consider your local IT services company a partner, the rapport you build will make future calls faster—and even less frequent. Over time you will have confidence that your systems remain in the top­notch shape and up to date with the latest systems.

All of that, without having to actually hire an IT team in house.


Above all else, concierge technical support is a less expensive solution than hiring IT pros on a full time basis.

Because it’s possible to interact with almost any IT system remotely, there is little need for modern day small and medium sized businesses to manage IT themselves.

Nowadays, it makes more sense to allow the IT experts to manage themselves and call on their services when you need them. That is exactly what 1iX and other companies offer concierge technical support services.

Think about it. 1iX Network Solutions and other IT companies already have to stay on the cutting edge of their industry. Why give your HR manager one more thing to worry about?


In this Information Age, those companies that allow themselves to get behind the times run the risk of failing more than ever before.

In the modern business world, it’s all about streamlining systems while still finding a way to utilize the best people and systems for the job. Concierge IT support is one of the places this comes together the most seamlessly.

Everyday of the week, remote technical support will beat out in­house teams of IT specialists.

Same goes for IT companies that don’t offer remote support.

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient, and affordable solution for all of your IT issues, then please contact us or call now at (770) 325­7325.